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Plate Tectonics Unit

Test is scheduled for Thursday October 3rd (A-day) and Friday October 4th (B-day)

Here are the Test Review Flashcards that you can use to study or make for extra credit

Here is the Geologic Time Scale we will study for the formation of the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

Here are a few You Tube type video to use as tutorials.

Continental Drift is explained

Sonar Explores the Ocean floor

TEST 9/16 & 9/17

Don’t forget to study for the upcoming first Earth Science Test A-day on Monday 9/16 and B-Day on Tuesday 9/17. The Test will cover mapping latitude and longitude, the 4 branches of earth science, the rock cycle and a little bit of lab safety. Scroll down through previous posts to find the test flashcards and a Rock Cycle tutorial (plus 15 question Quiz) that you can use to study. Students were also given their completed packets to take home and use for Test Review. Best of luck to you all. I hope to congratulate MANY “super scientists” next week.

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It was great to see so many of my former and current students at the Open House last night. Here is a tutorial game that will practice some of the same concepts we have been studying in class. Try the 15 questions QUIZ for practice. NOTE: Granite is a rock made from magma, basalt is made from lava, Quartzite and Slate are metamorphic rocks. Sandstone and shale are sedimentary rocks.

Flashcards for First Unit Test

Our First Test is planned for (A-Day) Thurs Sept 12 and (B-Day) Friday Sept 13. I will try to stay on track even if we miss a day due to Hurricane Dorian. But if the schedule changes, I will notify you here.

Here are the Test Review Flashcards that you can make for extra credit! Cut notecards in half and write the clue from the left column on one side and the right side on the back of the each card. There are 2 flashcards in each row of the document. You can simply use these to study as well but if you want the Extra Credit you must bring them with you to class on Test Day.

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Here is the link for the 2019-2020 Pacing Guide or Syllabus

Here is the Welcome Letter for our new school year. During the Fall semester, the BHS School Improvement Grading Team will be working to adapt our school rules to the new WCPSS Honors Code Policy.