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Mrs. Brown’s Honors Earth/Environmental Science Class

NCFE Earth/Environmental Review

Here are some suggestions for further review

Quizlet Flashcard drills for Earth Science

Kahoot Game

Released 2016-2017 Earth Exam

NCFE Earth Science Outline Word Doc with answers.

Upcoming Test and last unit for the year!

Your Astronomy TEST will be Tuesday April 9th! Flashcards for this test are in the previous post. As usual, you can make these for extra credit if you bring the to class on test day. Our last unit for the year will be about Human Impact on the Environment.

26% of the Exam questions will come from this one unit!  We saved it for last hoping you will remember much of the information that we study in April and May.  I have several links I want to provide for your use and study.

Here is the Flashcards Word doc for Human Impact Unit. You can make these for extra credit as always.

Here is the link to the You Tube for “The Story of Stuff.” We will watch this in class and consider the problem and possible solutions. A handout will be provided for this activity.

Here is the link for The NC Energy Webquest. The handout and questions will be provided in class

Here is the HONORS Article on FRACKING. The question and analysis will be given to the Honors students in an upcoming class lesson.

Here are the website links for a investigation in to creating a Zero Carbon Footprint. We will calculate our carbon footprint and then investigate things that are being done around the world to mitigate the problem,

Test Friday 12/7 and NEW Ecology Unit

Our Surface Water and Groundwater Test will be Friday Dec 7th.  Flashcards for the test can be found in the previous post.  These flashcards can be made for extra credit if they are brought to class on Friday and turned in before the Test.

Our New Unit for Ecology will follow a MENU format.  Students will have choices of Biomes to investigate and Invasive Species studies.  The Menu selection will be described on the Cover Page of our new Packet.

Here are the Powerpoints for Ecology, Biodiversity, and Biomes.

Ecology Powerpoint

North American Biomes

NEW Erosion and Weathering Unit

Quakes and Volcanoes TEST and Honors Project are due THURSDAY October 25th.  Please see  the previous post for flashcards, links and rubrics.

Our NEW unit will be abbreviated due to the lost days from our recent hurricanes.  We will begin this unit on Monday October 29th and have an OPEN NOTE TEST on Erosion, Soil and Weathering on Wednesday November 7th

Here are the Flashcards for this test.

FLASHCARDS for Weathering

Here is a tutorial on how to read the Soil Texture Triangle. 


Honors Quake and Volcano Project

The Honors Quake and Volcano Project is due October 22nd.  Here are some links that can be used to find reliable information on the location that you signed up to research.  Click on the WORD Document below to access the links for your specific location.

UbD Project Teacher’s Notes

This is the handout that was distributed in class on Friday Oct 5th.  The rubric and step-by-step instructions are included HERE.

Hon Project2018


Plate Tectonics Flashcards

Students that MAKE these flashcards can earn Extra Credit on Test Day (Oct 5th).  Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Print the document using the link below.
  2. Use 1/2 of a 3 x 5 index card for each term (or diagram)
  3. Either glue or write the left hand column on one side of the flashcard then put the corresponding right hand column on the other side of the flashcard.  On the document, that means 2 flashcards per row.
  4. Use these to study important Vocabulary!
  5. On the Test Date, put your name and class period on the first flashcard. Rubber band your flashcards together and bring them to science class.  Place your flashcards in the RED picnic basket before we take our test and get EXTRA CREDIT on your test.

Here is the link for the Plate Tectonics Flashcard document.

Flashcards for Tectonics 2017

Change of TEST Date

Due to the expected arrival of Hurricane Florence, I would like to move our TEST for the Rock Cycle and Branches of Earth Science UP to Wednesday September 12th.  We will complete a study guide for the TEST in class on Monday September 10th. Students will be able to take their entire packet of materials home to use for review and study.

The Earth Science Pacing Guide will be adjusted as needed after Sept 19th.

Welcome to Earth Environmental Science

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Here is the welcome letter for this course.
Welcome Letter 2018-19

Here is the Pacing Guide or Syllabus for the 2018-19 school year.

Here is the document outlining our Classroom Expectations.
Mrs Brown Earth Science Class 2018-19

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