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Mrs. Brown’s Chemistry Class

Make-Up Test and last New Unit

If you need to take a make-up test or RE-test for Acids, Bases, and Solutions, you can either plan to 1) take it during your study skills period OR 2) take it after school Thursday 5/2, Friday 5/3 or Wednesday 5/8. I have meeting after school on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Remember that our Lab Write-up for Titrations will be due THURSDAY 5/2. Please see the previous post for a Word Doc helping you to complete this Lab write-up. The questions for Kinetic Molecular Theory are due at the beginning of the period on Thursday 5/2 as well. You had time to complete most, if not all, of this in class on Tuesday.

Our last unit for the school year will cover Gas Laws and Equilibrium. I have scheduled the TEST for Thursday May 16th. You will have a TWO webassigns for this unit 1) Ideal Gas Law and Conversions due Friday May 10th before midnight and 2) Equilibrium due Tuesday May 14th before midnight.

Lab Report, Make Up Lab and Webassign

The Webassign on pH and titrations is due tonight (Friday April 26th) before midnight! Our Test is Tues 4/30. Test flashcards are located in an earlier post. Scroll down to an earlier date for that.

Of you were absent from school on Friday April 26th and missed the Lab, you must do a make-up assignment. Here is the “virtual” titration lab link that can be used with handout provided in class.

Here are my thoughts on the Lab write you should be turning in on Tuesday April 30th

Important Reminders!

Tomorrow (Friday April 26th) is our Titration Lab and the pH Webassign is due before midnight! Don’t forget to wear Not-your-nicest clothes (Keith, I will give you time to change) as we will be working with strong acids and strong bases. Also-Our Test for Solutions and Acids will be next Tuesday so please begin to study. Remember that the flashcards that Curran typed up are in an earlier post. Just scroll down to access those, or MAKE THEM for extra credit!

Webassign due Friday April 12th

Flashcards updated below on 4/12

Our new unit is on Solutions, Acids, and Bases. I have scheduled 2 webassigns for this unit. Molarity and Dilutions will be due this coming Friday April 12 before midnight. The pH and Titrations webassign will be due Friday April 26th before midnight. Both of these due dates are A-Days so I will remind you about the deadline in class and via this website post.

The projected due date for the test of Solutions, Acids, and Bases is April 30th

Here are the Test Flashcards that you can use to study or make for extra credit.

Webassign and Heat TEST

The Heat Webassign is due tonight! (Wednesday April 3rd before midnight). All the problems are Q=mCp delta T. Recall that heat lost is exothermic. In #3 letter b, when they say the heat is lost, you do not need to insert a negative sign. The correct answer for webassign will be positive.

Your Chapter Test on Heat, Reaction Coordinate Diagrams (Potential Energy Diagrams), and Phase Diagrams is THURSDAY April 4th. Flashcards for this test are posted as a link to a Word Doc in the previous post.

The Solutions Dissolving Process Study Guide on pages 4, 5, and 6 of your new packet will be due on Monday April 8th.

Virtual Calorimetry Lab Make Up

Use your Lab handout from class and fill in the data and the video below plays. Be aware that this lab features a different solid than the one used in the experiment at school. Turn in your data, Q and Cp calculations and % error and the “virtual” lab will replace your missing grade.

Make-Up Lab for Stoichiometry

You will be provided a Lab handout from our Class. You can do this “virtual” lab online and record you data as the instructions stipulate.

Stoichiometry Virtual Lab -Make-Up Assignment                       Name _____

Please use the Lab handout you received in class to record the data for this Virtual lab.  Go to this You Tube Video and follow the instructions below:

Record Video Data in these numbered spots-

Data #3 Mass of the entire “system” beaker and test tube with chemicals

Data #4 record the mass of the JUST the NaHCO3 from the start of the reaction

Data #6 Record the mass of JUST the acetic acid (vinegar)

Data #7 Why does the mass on the scale go down as the reaction proceeds? Write answer by #7

Watch the mass on the scale!

Data #9 Advance to time index 5 minutes and 24 seconds. What is the final mass of the system & reaction?

Data #13 Record the final mass of the carbon dioxide produced.

Under Theoretical Yield Trial 1, calculate the yield using the video data.  Show all you work and units.

Under this calculation, show the work for the % Yield and % error for this experiment.

Turn in your Lab handout with this data and please attach these instructions so I know how to check your work.

Reminder to STUDY!

Stoichiometry Quest Friday March 8th (50 points, equations are provided and balanced) and the Stoichiometry Webassign is due before midnight Friday night. We are on an early release schedule so Be ready!


Our Stoichiometry “Quest” (little test big quiz) will be Friday March 8th. That is an early release day so the classes will be one hour in length. Since this is less than 10 problems, we should be able to finish the “quest” in the shortened class period. Here is a tutorial that might help with mass-to-mass stoichiometry

Here is a Slideplayer step-by-step tutorial of stoichiometry mass to moles and mass to mass

TEST & Webassign 2/14

Please remember to study for the Big Quiz (small test) “Quest” on Mole Conversions, Empirical and Molecular Formulas on Thursday Feb 14th. You have a “Quest” review that were covered in class on Tuesday. The “quest” will be worth 50 points.

Thursday Night (before midnight) you have TWO webassigns that are due! One is mole conversions only and the second one is for Empirical Formulas. Recall that sometimes there is NO subscript of ONE. Any mole ratios that end in 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 will need to be doubled (that’s every subscript doubled). If you have a mole ratio with any element ending in .33, 1.33, or 1.66 then you will need to multiply every subscript by 3. This will give you a small whole number ratio for the formula. Examples are Al2O3, N2O5, Na2Cr2O7, Au3O4. You have had about 40-50 minutes of class time to complete these webassigns, so there should be no excuse for not having them done on time.

Mole Conversions ( with Empirical and Molecular Formulas)

I have uploaded 2 new webassigns for these topics that are also due on Thursday Feb 14th.  I am hoping to have a Webassign “lab” in class to help you get started with these two assignments.

We will have a QUEST (big Quiz or small Test) on this unit Thursday Feb 14th.  There are no quizzes planned but you will have graded assignments along the way-some for completion and some for accuracy.

Here is a tutorial on the Mole Concept

Short Empirical Formula Tutorial (No subscript of One)

How to calculate Molecular Formulas-Melissa Maribel Tutorial

TEST and Webassign

The webassign for Synthesis, Decomposition, and Combustion is due tonight! I have moved the deadline to 12:01 AM (just after midnight). You should be able to complete it. Email me if you continue to have difficulty.

The TEST for Reactions is FRIDAY. It mirrors the Review sheet so please know that material very well. Be prepared to use the Reference sheets from class proficiently. Test is 100 points!

Webassign due tonight

The Single and Double Replacement Webassign is due tonight before midnight. You had class time to work on it but if you have not finished it, get busy now!

The next webassign on Synthesis, Decomposition, and Combustion is due Wed night before midnight.

Chemical Reactions Tutorials

Chemical Reactions  Plans and Tutorials

The Reactions Test will be Friday Jan 25th. Review and Lab will be Jan 18 & 23.

Double Replacement and Single Replacement WEBASSIGN is due Jan 18th before midnight. The second webassign covers synthesis, decomposition, and combustion and will be due Jan 23rd before midnight.

You Tube Tutorials -by subject

Classify Chemical Reactions (Melissa Maribel)

More Practice Classifying Reaction Types (DeWitt)

Balancing Equations with Melissa Maribel

Practice Balancing (with Tyler DeWitt)

Balancing Combustion Equations (Maribel)

Predict Products

Webassign Due Tonight

The Formulas Webassign is due before midnight tonight.  Don’t forget that Element number 9 is spelled fluorine.  Also recall that Roman Numerals must be typed with a capital i, not an L or number 1.  The Test is Thursday!  Please Please READ you notes aloud, let yourself hear the names and formulas.  Create your own Quizlet ( or flashcards) and practice, practice–bring your flashcards OR print Quizlet to bring to me for extra credit on Thursday.  It is important to attend class Thursday and take this test with the rest of the class!

Chemistry Quiz Schedule

At the next class  meeting, we will have our Quiz on Compounds with Transition Metals using Roman numerals to indicate the charge.  Please Study and be prepared for this. Recall that the previous post has tutorials for all the Quizzes will we have.

From there, we will move along with our schedule (pushed back to allow for the missed A-Day).  The Quiz for nonmetallic molecules will follow, then Polyatomic ions in Compounds after that.

The make up day for our missed Chemistry class will be Friday Jan 18.  That means we will have a double A-Day Jan 17 and 18.

Formulas and Nomenclature

  • Tuesday Dec 4th- Introduction to Binary Compounds and the Criss-Cross Method for writing formulas.  Packet pages 2, 5, and the top half of page 6.  Homework= study for Quick Quiz on Writing and naming Binary Compounds.

Tyler DeWitt  Binary Compounds Tutorial=

  • Thursday Dec 6th – Introduction to Compounds containing Transition Metals (using Roman Numerals) and Polyatomic Ions. Packet pages 3, 7, & 9.  Take Quiz for Binary Compounds.  Homework= study for Quick Quiz on Writing and naming Compounds containing Transition Metals.

Tyler DeWitt Transition Metals Tutorial=

  • Monday Dec 10th- Additional Work using Polyatomic Ions in Formula Writing. Introduction to Nonmetallic Binary Molecules.  Packet pages 6 (bottom half) and 8.  Take Quiz for Transition Compounds.   Homework= study for Quick Quiz on Writing and naming Molecules with Two nonmetals (using Greek Prefixes).  More Videos from Tyler DeWitt

Nonmetallic Binary Molecules Tutorial =

Polyatomic Ions in Compounds Tutorial =

  • Wed Dec 12- Introduction to Formula Mass and Percentage Composition. Review MIXED types of Formula Writing.  Packet pages 10 & 11 plus Quiz for Nonmetallic molecules.  Homework= study for Quick Quiz on Writing and naming Compounds with Polyatomic Ions.  Students may begin work on Webassign.

Mixed Types Tutorial =

  • Friday Dec 14- Final Work and Lab for Percent Composition using packet pages 13 & 14. Take Quick Quiz on Polyatomic Ions in Formulas.  Homework= study for Quick Quiz on Writing and naming ALL TYPES of Formulas.  Webassign Due by midnight!

Tutorial for Percent Composition =

  • Tuesday Dec 18th- Test Review for Formulas, Nomenclature and % Composition. Take Quiz on Mixed Types of Formula Writing and Naming.  Homework= study for TEST to be taken Thursday Dec 20th.

Essential Standards (North Carolina Objectives)

Chm.1.2.4 · Write binary compounds of two nonmetals: use Greek prefixes (di-, tri-, tetra-, …).

  • Write binary compounds of metal/nonmetal*.
  • Write ternary compounds (polyatomic ions)* using the polyatomic ions on the reference table.
  • Write, with charges, these polyatomic ions: nitrate, sulfate, carbonate, acetate, and ammonium.

*The Stock system is the correct IUPAC convention for inorganic nomenclature.

Chm.2.2.5 · Determine percentage composition by mass of a given compound.

  • Perform calculations based on percent composition.
  • Determine the composition of hydrates using experimental data.

Chemistry TEST Friday November 30th

You may bring a hand-written 3 x 5 inch notecard to the Bonding and Intermolecular Forces TEST on Friday Nov 30th.  The notecard may contain any reference information that might be useful for the test.  It can contain information on the front and back.  You will turn in your notecard with your test paper.  I am not providing the notecards.

I will be collecting your Test Review sheet for a “practice” grade on Friday.  This review will go in your Exam portfolio.   The previous post contains flashcards for this unit.  You can use these to study.

Big Quiz on Monday 11/19

VSEPR Molecular Shapes Quiz Monday 11/19

The Quiz will contain 6 items= 1 ionic and 5 covalent

Practice drawing these IONIC Compounds and Covalent Molecules

H3P   CaBr2     O2     BI3   OF2    BeBr2    NCl3    NaCl    F2    H2O   N2

Remember that all the numbers in the formulas shown above are subscripts.

Study the bond angles and names of geometric shapes!

New Bonding and Intermolecular Forces Unit

Chapter Test for Bonding and Intermolecular Forces will be Friday 11/30

Element Project Due Thurs Nov 8.  For help Drawing Lewis Dot Diagrams, click below    from Professor Dave

QUIZ Bond Types Fri 11/15.   Tutorial for Basic Concepts of Bonding. Can use for Bonding Quiz

Quiz on Drawing Molecular Shapes using VSEPR theory will be Monday 11/19. Here is the VSEPR Theory tutorial from Ketzbook

QUIZ for Intermolecular Forces will be Wed 11/28.  

Here is the tutorial for Intermolecular Forces with Melissa Maribel

Electronegativity Difference and Polarity tutorial

Here is the Word doc with all these links

Links for Bonding and IMF



Periodic Table Unit

TEST for Periodic Table will be Friday November 2nd

Here is the updated list of DUE DATES

Due Dates for Acad. Chem 10-22

Here is the Rubric for the Element Brochure due Thursday Nov 8th

Element Pamphlet 2018

Here are some Flashcards that can be used to study (these are from my old files but still good)

Flashcards for The Periodic Table

Here is a Bozeman Science tutorial for the Periodic Table  Periods and Families/Groups. Quiz is Fri Oct 26

Here is a tutorial by Professor Dave for the Trends we will study.  Webassign for this is due Mon October 29th.

Atoms to Ions-Video by Tyler DeWitt.  QUIZ for this on Wed October 31st 


Radioactivity Webassign Due Tonight

Don’t forget to finish the radioactivity webassign at  before midnight.

The Radioactivity handouts will be due MON OCTOBER 22nd for a process grade.

Test Re-Takes will be Tuesday 10/23 in Room 351 at 2:30 pm.  Bring a hand-written study guide.

We will do a modified version of the Flame Test Lab in our classroom (rm 351) on Monday.  If you want to perform the experiment, please tie back long hair and dress appropriately for using the Bunsen burner.

Bring your Textbook to class on Monday and Wednesday this upcoming week (10/22 and 10/24)

TEST tomorrow!

Our Test for Atoms and Light will be Thursday October 18th.

  • Please study the Light Questions (#24) on the 3rd panel of your Test Review sheet.
  • You will be given a clean Periodic Table and the Bohr Model of Hydrogen with the Electromagnetic Spectrum (these are the NC reference sheets that we have been using in class).
  • You may not use the hand-written periodic table with the configurations on it.
  • Bring your Test Review to class to turn in and get points for the portfolio.
  • The test does NOT have Radioactivity questions.  There no questions about half-life.  All of that work is on the sheets I gave you PLUS the Radioactivity Webassign due Friday October 18th.
  • Plan to bring your TEXTBOOK to class on MONDAY October 22nd
  • Questions?  Email me at

Radioactivity Module for Chemistry

Radioactivity Module for Academic Chemistry (a plan for the week of the PSAT)

Our study of Radioactivity will occur over 2 class periods:

1) Half Life Problems

Here is a video to help you with these problems

2) Nuclear Equations and Properties of Radioactivity

Here is a video to help you with these equations

The concepts will be introduced on Monday October 8th to be followed by practice solving half-life problems and writing nuclear equations on Wednesday October 10th.  I will provide answers for all of the Practice Exercises. Students that are taking the PSAT will miss class on Wednesday October 10th and will need to complete the practice exercises independently.  I will provide time before and after school to answer questions.

This study will be followed by a Webassign (found at to assess your comprehension of Radioactivity.  The Webassign will be due on October 18th by 11:59 pm.

New Chemistry Webassigns and Quizzes

Bohr Atom and Light Quiz will be Tuesday Oct 2

Here is a YOU TUBE tutorial for understanding the spectra of light from energized electrons.    Energized Electrons and the Bohr Model (Spectra of light) with Bozeman Science

The P.E.N. Quiz (counting protons, electrons and neutrons) will be Thursday Oct 4th BUT the webassign for this concept will be DUE Wed Oct 3rd before midnight! Remember to log into and use the password YOU set up for this Cengage account.

Here is a tutorial on how to calculate the numbers of subatomic particles. PEN or Counting Protons, Electrons and Neutrons with Melissa Maribel

The Quiz on Electron Configurations and Orbital Diagrams will be Friday Oct 12th.  The Webassign for Configurations and Orbital Diagrams will be due THURsDAY Oct 11th before midnight.   Here is a tutorial for this topic.

Writing Electron Configurations

Drawing Orbital Diagrams (only need first 5 minutes but still a great tutorial) by JFR Science

Here is a tutorial for Drawing Bohr Models of atoms.


Chemistry Test Re-Takes

The Matter and Metrics Test has been entered into Powerschool.  I found one error on the “B” form of the test and have already adjusted every student’s grade accordingly.  I also decided to add a flat 6 point curve to each test score in light of the delays lost due to Hurricane Florence.  That curve has already been added to the test score in Powerschool.

Now that we have had our first test, I printed the 1st Quarter Interim Grade reports for all Chemistry Classes.  These reports will go home Wednesday and should be signed by a parent or guardian.  I may consider adding bonus points for the the prompt return of signed Interims on Friday Sept 28th.

Students can still bring in Test Review Sheets or Printed Reference sheets for FULL credit, if they have a zero.

Any student that scored below a 70% on the test is eligible for the Test Re-Take.  The Matter and Metrics test grade will be the average of the re-take score and the first score (but not to exceed 70%).  For example, a student that made a 60% on the original test would need to score at least 80% on the re-take to get the grade changed to 70% in Powerschool.   Mathematically 60 + 80= 140/2=70.  Or another example, with a student that originally scored 50% and must make at least a 90% on the Re-take to get the grade changed to 70%:  50 + 90 = 140/2= 70%. If you have questions, send me an e-mail at

I will only offer Test Re-Take sessions after school on Thursday and Friday this week!  Students must bring a hand-made study guide to the Re-Take session.  The Study Guide should reflect the concepts missed on the original test.  Students will have an opportunity to see their Test mistakes on Wednesday 9/26 at the beginning of the period.  Students may write down any concepts that need further study but no photos of the test will be allowed.

As a final reminder, there are now TWO webassigns due this Friday before midnight. Students should access their account at    I will have 19  laptops in class on Wednesday and Friday so that we may begin the second webassign together, but the first one should be done at home. You are welcome to bring your own laptop (and store it in my classroom if that helps).

Matter & Metrics TEST Monday 9/24

Don’t forget to prepare well for the Matter & Metrics Test on Monday Sept 24th.  It will be worth 100 points and Interim Grade Reports will include this test score.

Please see the previous post to access the link to print your NCDPI Chemistry Reference sheets.  Staple your reference sheets together and put your name on the first page.  This will be a “practice” grade this week in class.

Finally, there are now TWO webassigns that will be due on Friday Sept 28th before midnight.  The first is the rescheduled webassign from our first unit on Density and metric conversions.  The NEW webassign covers the Bohr Model, electron transitions, and light.  We started this topic in class on Thursday and will finish it by Wednesday this week.  If you bring your own device to school this week, you can use extra class time to work on these two webassigns.

Test Date moved -yet again

Mrs. Ashburn said that the schools could not be occupied today (Monday 9/17) because many were being used a evacuation centers.  However, she assures me that we WILL go to school on Tuesday Sept 18th.

Right now the 2 make-up A-days are Oct 31st and November 21st.   Recall that Wednesday Sept 19th was to be a vacation day due to Yom Kippur.  The WCPSS School Board may re-visit when the make-up days will occur and announce those changes later.    SO, If we review for our test on Thursday September 20th,  then our Test will be Monday September 24th. Please recall that an earlier post has links to tutorial videos that can help you prepare for the topics covered on the test.  The Test is a product grade worth 100 points.

The Webassign ( at will still needs to be completed by many of you.  I have awarded extra points for those students that have already done that assignment.


Density Lab Friday 9/7

Bring your calculator to lab!  You will need it to do Density Calculations.  Bring your Density Lab handout with you.

Remember to dress appropriately; tie back long hair, no dangling jewelry, no lanyards, or no floppy long sleeves.

We will wear goggles.

Tutorials for Matter and Metrics

Matter and Metrics Chapter One

Helpful You Tube videos for: (Click past any ads)

  1. Density Calculations qualitative relationships

  1. with the Memory “Triangle” which is the same as the Memory “circle” 

  1. Metric Conversions using Factor Label Method

  1. Classification of Matter

  1. Chemical versus Physical Changes


New Webassign and Reference Sheets

Our first Webassign covers Density Problems and Metric Conversions.  This assignment will be due, Sunday September 16th, the night before our first TEST.  You do NOT have to wait to attempt the Webassign.  You may begin to work as soon as you feel you are able to accurately answer questions about Metric Conversions and Density.

Log on to and enter you password to access your Chemistry Class.  You will only have 3 submissions per item. The entire assignment must be completed by 11:59 pm on Sunday night 9/16.

I will be checking to see that you have PRINTED the Chemistry Reference Sheets for your personal use.  These sheets will be kept in your notebook and can be used for any homework or webassign.  The LINK for the Reference Sheets can be found on our first post.  Simply scroll down to access that link.

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Here is the document for our Classroom Expectations

2018 Chemistry Classroom

Here the Chemistry Pacing Guide or Syllabus for the 2018-19 school year
ChemPacing Guide 18-19

Here is the link for the Chemistry Reference Tables. Please PRINT your own personal set of tables to use in class and for homework!

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