New Webassign and Reference Sheets

Our first Webassign covers Density Problems and Metric Conversions.  This assignment will be due, Sunday September 16th, the night before our first TEST.  You do NOT have to wait to attempt the Webassign.  You may begin to work as soon as you feel you are able to accurately answer questions about Metric Conversions and Density.

Log on to and enter you password to access your Chemistry Class.  You will only have 3 submissions per item. The entire assignment must be completed by 11:59 pm on Sunday night 9/16.

I will be checking to see that you have PRINTED the Chemistry Reference Sheets for your personal use.  These sheets will be kept in your notebook and can be used for any homework or webassign.  The LINK for the Reference Sheets can be found on our first post.  Simply scroll down to access that link.