Test Date moved -yet again

Mrs. Ashburn said that the schools could not be occupied today (Monday 9/17) because many were being used a evacuation centers.  However, she assures me that we WILL go to school on Tuesday Sept 18th.

Right now the 2 make-up A-days are Oct 31st and November 21st.   Recall that Wednesday Sept 19th was to be a vacation day due to Yom Kippur.  The WCPSS School Board may re-visit when the make-up days will occur and announce those changes later.    SO, If we review for our test on Thursday September 20th,  then our Test will be Monday September 24th. Please recall that an earlier post has links to tutorial videos that can help you prepare for the topics covered on the test.  The Test is a product grade worth 100 points.

The Webassign ( at www.webassign.net) will still needs to be completed by many of you.  I have awarded extra points for those students that have already done that assignment.