Matter & Metrics TEST Monday 9/24

Don’t forget to prepare well for the Matter & Metrics Test on Monday Sept 24th.  It will be worth 100 points and Interim Grade Reports will include this test score.

Please see the previous post to access the link to print your NCDPI Chemistry Reference sheets.  Staple your reference sheets together and put your name on the first page.  This will be a “practice” grade this week in class.

Finally, there are now TWO webassigns that will be due on Friday Sept 28th before midnight.  The first is the rescheduled webassign from our first unit on Density and metric conversions.  The NEW webassign covers the Bohr Model, electron transitions, and light.  We started this topic in class on Thursday and will finish it by Wednesday this week.  If you bring your own device to school this week, you can use extra class time to work on these two webassigns.