Chemistry Test Re-Takes

The Matter and Metrics Test has been entered into Powerschool.  I found one error on the “B” form of the test and have already adjusted every student’s grade accordingly.  I also decided to add a flat 6 point curve to each test score in light of the delays lost due to Hurricane Florence.  That curve has already been added to the test score in Powerschool.

Now that we have had our first test, I printed the 1st Quarter Interim Grade reports for all Chemistry Classes.  These reports will go home Wednesday and should be signed by a parent or guardian.  I may consider adding bonus points for the the prompt return of signed Interims on Friday Sept 28th.

Students can still bring in Test Review Sheets or Printed Reference sheets for FULL credit, if they have a zero.

Any student that scored below a 70% on the test is eligible for the Test Re-Take.  The Matter and Metrics test grade will be the average of the re-take score and the first score (but not to exceed 70%).  For example, a student that made a 60% on the original test would need to score at least 80% on the re-take to get the grade changed to 70% in Powerschool.   Mathematically 60 + 80= 140/2=70.  Or another example, with a student that originally scored 50% and must make at least a 90% on the Re-take to get the grade changed to 70%:  50 + 90 = 140/2= 70%. If you have questions, send me an e-mail at

I will only offer Test Re-Take sessions after school on Thursday and Friday this week!  Students must bring a hand-made study guide to the Re-Take session.  The Study Guide should reflect the concepts missed on the original test.  Students will have an opportunity to see their Test mistakes on Wednesday 9/26 at the beginning of the period.  Students may write down any concepts that need further study but no photos of the test will be allowed.

As a final reminder, there are now TWO webassigns due this Friday before midnight. Students should access their account at    I will have 19  laptops in class on Wednesday and Friday so that we may begin the second webassign together, but the first one should be done at home. You are welcome to bring your own laptop (and store it in my classroom if that helps).