New Chemistry Webassigns and Quizzes

Bohr Atom and Light Quiz will be Tuesday Oct 2

Here is a YOU TUBE tutorial for understanding the spectra of light from energized electrons.    Energized Electrons and the Bohr Model (Spectra of light) with Bozeman Science

The P.E.N. Quiz (counting protons, electrons and neutrons) will be Thursday Oct 4th BUT the webassign for this concept will be DUE Wed Oct 3rd before midnight! Remember to log into and use the password YOU set up for this Cengage account.

Here is a tutorial on how to calculate the numbers of subatomic particles. PEN or Counting Protons, Electrons and Neutrons with Melissa Maribel

The Quiz on Electron Configurations and Orbital Diagrams will be Friday Oct 12th.  The Webassign for Configurations and Orbital Diagrams will be due THURsDAY Oct 11th before midnight.   Here is a tutorial for this topic.

Writing Electron Configurations

Drawing Orbital Diagrams (only need first 5 minutes but still a great tutorial) by JFR Science

Here is a tutorial for Drawing Bohr Models of atoms.