Radioactivity Module for Chemistry

Radioactivity Module for Academic Chemistry (a plan for the week of the PSAT)

Our study of Radioactivity will occur over 2 class periods:

1) Half Life Problems

Here is a video to help you with these problems

2) Nuclear Equations and Properties of Radioactivity

Here is a video to help you with these equations

The concepts will be introduced on Monday October 8th to be followed by practice solving half-life problems and writing nuclear equations on Wednesday October 10th.  I will provide answers for all of the Practice Exercises. Students that are taking the PSAT will miss class on Wednesday October 10th and will need to complete the practice exercises independently.  I will provide time before and after school to answer questions.

This study will be followed by a Webassign (found at to assess your comprehension of Radioactivity.  The Webassign will be due on October 18th by 11:59 pm.