TEST tomorrow!

Our Test for Atoms and Light will be Thursday October 18th.

  • Please study the Light Questions (#24) on the 3rd panel of your Test Review sheet.
  • You will be given a clean Periodic Table and the Bohr Model of Hydrogen with the Electromagnetic Spectrum (these are the NC reference sheets that we have been using in class).
  • You may not use the hand-written periodic table with the configurations on it.
  • Bring your Test Review to class to turn in and get points for the portfolio.
  • The test does NOT have Radioactivity questions.  There no questions about half-life.  All of that work is on the sheets I gave you PLUS the Radioactivity Webassign due Friday October 18th.
  • Plan to bring your TEXTBOOK to class on MONDAY October 22nd
  • Questions?  Email me at mbrown2@wcpss.net