Make-Up Lab for Stoichiometry

You will be provided a Lab handout from our Class. You can do this “virtual” lab online and record you data as the instructions stipulate.

Stoichiometry Virtual Lab -Make-Up Assignment                       Name _____

Please use the Lab handout you received in class to record the data for this Virtual lab.  Go to this You Tube Video and follow the instructions below:

Record Video Data in these numbered spots-

Data #3 Mass of the entire “system” beaker and test tube with chemicals

Data #4 record the mass of the JUST the NaHCO3 from the start of the reaction

Data #6 Record the mass of JUST the acetic acid (vinegar)

Data #7 Why does the mass on the scale go down as the reaction proceeds? Write answer by #7

Watch the mass on the scale!

Data #9 Advance to time index 5 minutes and 24 seconds. What is the final mass of the system & reaction?

Data #13 Record the final mass of the carbon dioxide produced.

Under Theoretical Yield Trial 1, calculate the yield using the video data.  Show all you work and units.

Under this calculation, show the work for the % Yield and % error for this experiment.

Turn in your Lab handout with this data and please attach these instructions so I know how to check your work.