Upcoming Test and last unit for the year!

Your Astronomy TEST will be Tuesday April 9th! Flashcards for this test are in the previous post. As usual, you can make these for extra credit if you bring the to class on test day. Our last unit for the year will be about Human Impact on the Environment.

26% of the Exam questions will come from this one unit!  We saved it for last hoping you will remember much of the information that we study in April and May.  I have several links I want to provide for your use and study.

Here is the Flashcards Word doc for Human Impact Unit. You can make these for extra credit as always.

Here is the link to the You Tube for “The Story of Stuff.” We will watch this in class and consider the problem and possible solutions. A handout will be provided for this activity.

Here is the link for The NC Energy Webquest. The handout and questions will be provided in class

Here is the HONORS Article on FRACKING. The question and analysis will be given to the Honors students in an upcoming class lesson.

Here are the website links for a investigation in to creating a Zero Carbon Footprint. We will calculate our carbon footprint and then investigate things that are being done around the world to mitigate the problem,