Make-Up Test and last New Unit

If you need to take a make-up test or RE-test for Acids, Bases, and Solutions, you can either plan to 1) take it during your study skills period OR 2) take it after school Thursday 5/2, Friday 5/3 or Wednesday 5/8. I have meeting after school on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Remember that our Lab Write-up for Titrations will be due THURSDAY 5/2. Please see the previous post for a Word Doc helping you to complete this Lab write-up. The questions for Kinetic Molecular Theory are due at the beginning of the period on Thursday 5/2 as well. You had time to complete most, if not all, of this in class on Tuesday.

Our last unit for the school year will cover Gas Laws and Equilibrium. I have scheduled the TEST for Thursday May 16th. You will have a TWO webassigns for this unit 1) Ideal Gas Law and Conversions due Friday May 10th before midnight and 2) Equilibrium due Tuesday May 14th before midnight.