Surface and Groundwater Unit

Our Test for Surface and Groundwater will be Monday Jan 13th for A-Day and Tuesday January 14th for B-Day. Remember that you can make flashcards for extra credit on the test. Just bring you flashcard set to class on test day. Here are the flashcards for this test.

Using your cellphone, or prohibited technology, during a Test (or even during class) can get you into big trouble at Broughton High School. Certain violations in the classroom can trigger a chain of events that are outside my control. Violations of Honor Code or the Integrity Policy have a set procedure that must be followed according to Wake County School Board Policy. It involves an official discipline referral to the Principal with consequences, notifying the parents, as well as a different assessment for the offender. An additional reminder that “Cheating” does include taking a picture of your work to send it to another student. Using Copies of review sheets is never permitted during Testing. A dishonest act can keep a student from participating in the certain Honor Societies at Broughton and may have repercussions for student-athletes. As we enter 2020 let us recommit to follow the rules outlined in the Student Agenda.

Here is the link to Wake County Policy for the Honor Code