The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

BOYAN SLAT Born July 1994 (now 26 years old)   In 2011, at age 16, Slat came across more plastic than fish while diving in Greece. He decided to devote a high school project for deeper investigation into ocean plastic pollution and why it was considered impossible to clean up.    He later came up with the idea to build a passive system, using the circulating ocean currents to his advantage. He founded The Ocean Cleanup in 2013, and shortly after, his TEDx talk went viral after being shared on several news sites.   It raised US$2.2 million through a crowd funding campaign with the help of 38,000 donors from 160 countries.  

The OCEAN Clean Up

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The Interceptor Project– designed to remove plastic from the rivers that empty into the world’s ocean. 

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There are 1,000 rivers that contribute to 80% of the plastic that gets into the ocean. Many are in Indonesia, China, India, or Africa.